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Just Accepted Manuscript

Research Papers September 26, 2022
Incorporating Contextual Factors into Engineering Design Processes: An Analysis of Novice Practice
Research Papers September 22, 2022
Unit-Based Design of Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers for LPBF Additive Manufacturing
Research Papers September 22, 2022
Decentralized and Centralized Planning for Multi-Robot Additive Manufacturing
Research Papers September 22, 2022
Attribute-Sentiment-Guided Summarization of User Opinions from Online Reviews
Research Papers September 22, 2022
Bio-Inspired Avenues for Advancing Brain Injury Prevention
Research Papers September 22, 2022
Research Papers September 16, 2022
Not Good Enough? Exploring Relationships between Novice Designers' Trait Empathy, their Beliefs, Attitudes, and Intentions towards Sustainability, and the Self-Evaluated Sustainability of their Solutions
Research Papers September 15, 2022
Framework for the Evolution of Heuristics in Advanced Manufacturing
Research Papers September 15, 2022
Exploring Visual Cues for Design Analogy: A Deep Learning Approach
Research Papers September 15, 2022
Finding Social Networks among Online Reviewers for Customer Segmentation
Research Papers September 8, 2022
A new framework for efficient sequential sampling-based RBDO using space mapping
Research Papers September 5, 2022
Neural Network-Assisted Design: A Study of Multi-Scale Topology Optimization with Smoothly Graded Cellular Structures
Research Papers September 2, 2022
What Factors Impact Psychological Safety in Engineering Student Teams? A Mixed-Method Longitudinal Investigation
Research Papers August 26, 2022
Multiphysics Design Optimization via Generative Adversarial Networks
Review Articles August 24, 2022
Systematic Review and Classification of the Engineering for Global Development Literature Based on Design Tools and Methods for Social Impact Consideration
Research Papers August 4, 2022
Iterative Uncertainty Calibration for Modeling Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes Using Statistical Moment-Based Metric
Research Papers July 29, 2022
The Evolution and Impact of Human Confidence in Artificial Intelligence and in Themselves on AI-Assisted Decision-Making in Design
Research Papers May 27, 2022
G-Lattices: A Novel Lattice Structure and Its Generative Synthesis under Additive Manufacturing Constraints
Research Papers April 1, 2020
Design of a specialized tractor to replace draft animals in small farms
Announcements November 1, 2013
Special Issue 2014: Biologically-Inspired Design
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