Due to the recent popularity of small and medium-sized industrial gas turbines in many fields, gas turbines below 100 SHP have been employed as prime movers, a power range traditionally reserved for diesel and gasoline engines. Generally speaking, however, small gas turbines have many design difficulties in thermal efficiency, high rotational speed, compact auxiliary equipment, etc., derived from limitations of their dimensions. Small gas turbines S5A-01 and S5B-01, which have 32 PS output power at standard conditions, have been developed and are being produced. Presently, a 30 percent growth rated power producer for S5A-02 and S5B-02 gas turbines is under development. These engines’ configurations are as follows: single-stage centrifugal compressor; single-stage radial turbine; single can combustor; hybrid fuel nozzle with pressure atomizer and airblast atomizer; fuel control valve with pulse width modulation system; electric motor drive fuel pump. In this paper, the authors describe the design features and development history of the base engine and the experimental results with the growth rated version.

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