The F100-PW-229 fighter aircraft engine is a higher thrust derivative of the F100-PW-220 and in the same frame size. The engine was developed from the F100 Engine Model Derivative (EMD) Program and parallel IR&D efforts. The increased thrust was achieved by increasing the flow and pressure ratio of the two-spool compression system accompanied by an increase in turbine temperature. The increased length compression system was offset by an innovative design intermediate case and a reduced length combustor to maintain overall engine axial length. The –229 engine has a thrust-to-weight ratio of 8.0 with a 20–30 percent performance increase over the –220 model across the flight map. Significant improvements in maintainability have been incorporated while retaining the proven durability and operability features of the –220 engine. The Government-industry partnership is working well, continually providing increased performance engines for our first-line fighters.

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