Approximately 3600 tests were performed on the driving resistance, withdrawal resistance, lateral load-carrying capacity, withdrawal, and deformation of 2, 2½, 3, 3½, and 4-in-long plain-shank, spirally grooved, and annularly grooved nails in southern yellow pine, white oak, and beech, in order to make available comparative test and design information on these nails. Data on nail properties, as influenced by nail type, size, point, shank pilot, steel composition, heat-treatment, cement coating, wood species, wood density, and annual rings of the wood are presented to help in determining the type of nail most suitable for specific applications. At a later date a report will be issued on the effects of change in moisture content and elapsed time after driving, on the foregoing test variables, since these factors could not be investigated until after the test planks had been air-seasoned. Such a study was made possible because all nails for tests on withdrawal resistance and lateral load-carrying capacity were driven at that time of test performance when oak and beech were green and pine was partially air-dry.

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