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Biomedical Applications of Vibration and Acoustics in Therapy, Bioeffect and Modeling

Ahmed Al-Jumaily
Ahmed Al-Jumaily
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Azra Alizad
Azra Alizad
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ASME Press
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Whether one is trying to hold a can of soda or hit a ball with a bat, the ability to sense joint posture and movement and to dynamically control that movement is important to almost all human activities. Mechanical vibration has a number of unique effects on this ability to sense and control that can be both detrimental and beneficial. Vibration exposure in the workplace is known to increase musculoskeletal injury risk. Vibration has also been proposed for therapeutic applications such as vibrating insoles for the elderly and vibrating platforms in the gym. Understanding the underlying effects of vibration on...

7.1 Introduction
7.2 The Sensorimotor System
7.3 Vibration and the Muscle Spindle Organ
7.3.1 After-Effects of Exposure of the Muscle Spindle to Vibration
7.4 Vibration and Cutaneous Sensors
7.5 Vibration and the Central Nervous System
7.6 Occupational Effects of Vibration
7.7 Therapeutic Uses of Musculoskeletal Vibration
7.7.1 Subthreshold Vibration
7.7.2 Vibration, Exercise, and Training
7.7.3 Vibration and Bone Density
7.8 Future Studies
7.9 Conclusion
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