Theory of reliability in structural design

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Vladimir Raizer

FC&T Corporation, 10671 Roselle St #102, San Diego CA 92121; vdraizer@yahoo.com

Appl. Mech. Rev 57(1), 1-21 (Feb 10, 2004) (21 pages) doi:10.1115/1.1584065 History: Online February 10, 2004
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Grahic Jump Location
Possible states of the two loads
Grahic Jump Location
Analysis of the effectiveness in increasing safety
Grahic Jump Location
Figure diagram of hot point (FORM) method
Grahic Jump Location
Empirical CDF of yield stress Pσyy)
Grahic Jump Location
Quarter of the roof with the layout of the elements
Grahic Jump Location
CDF of load bearing capacity PR(F) and PDF of snow load PF100(F)



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