The dynamic normal-load distribution across a strip that is required to maintain a plane progressive wave along its length is studied for the case where the strip is of infinite length and lies on the surface of a homogeneous isotropic elastic half space. This configuration is proposed as a preliminary idealized model for analyzing the dynamic interaction between soils and flexible foundations. The surface load distribution across the strip and the motion of the strip are related by a pair of dual integral equations. An asymptotic solution is obtained for the limiting case of small wavelength. The nature of this solution depends importantly on the propagation velocity of the strip-traveling wave in comparison with the Rayleigh wave speed, the shear wave speed and the dilatational wave speed. When the strip-traveling wave propagates faster than the Rayleigh wave speed, a pattern of trailing Rayleigh waves is shed from the strip. The limiting amplitude of the trailing waves is provided by the asymptotic solution.

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