Various kinds of nozzles are attached to a pressure vessel including Steam Generator (SG) in a pressurized water reactor plant. The downcomer feedwater nozzle on the upper vessel shell and the economizer feedwater nozzle in the lower vessel shell of the SG are representative nozzles which have a non axi-symmetric shape. In most cases, external loads composed with forces and moments are imposed on those nozzles during the plant operation. In order to evaluate structural integrity of junctures between the nozzles and vessels in compliance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III, it is essential to find the maximum stress intensity resulting from those loads. Welding Research Council (WRC) Bulletin 297 has been used to find the maximum stress intensity since it is not straightforward to calculate the stress intensity with a non axi-symmetric two dimensional finite element model. However, the compatibility of adopting WRC Bulletin 297 to nozzles which have a variety of geometries shall be considered. Moreover, the applicability of the stress intensity resulting from the bulletin should be into consideration when interested lines where stress intensity linearization is to be performed are not exactly consistent with the line defined in the Bulletin. In this study, the nozzles in cylindrical vessel shells are developed as three dimensional finite element models, which are loaded with unit forces and moments. The stress intensities from finite element models are investigated through a comparison of WRC Bulletin 297. In addition, a methodology to apply the stress intensity results from WRC 297 to different lines is proposed.

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