Key changes have triggered the push for frac fleet innovation. With environmental regulation efforts to cut down on emissions increasing, more and more companies are transitioning to the use of electric fleet equipment. Electric fleets use natural gas, which burns cleaner than diesel fuel.

Our study found the gas turbine outperformed Tier 4 dual fuel blend (DF) reciprocating engines and demonstrated a step change improvement in both direct and indirect emissions reductions over the 20+ year lifecycle of the Baker Hughes LM2500 in Permian and Williston Basins’ field operating conditions. An even greater impact to direct GHG (as CO2 equivalent) emissions reduction came to light when the potential to reduce flaring of associated gas was considered.

Gas turbines have been proven to have the best-in-class emissions for powering pressure pumping fleets and lead the industry on fuel cost savings and in achieving commitments to reduce carbon emissions in places like the Permian Basin in Texas and remote areas across the world. Though, recent industry studies abominably suggest that Tier 4 diesel and Tier 4 dual fuel (DF) engine technologies offer an alternative with emissions benefits in comparison to current gas turbine offerings this study demonstrate the contrary.

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