In this paper we proposed a platform for measuring shear force of magnetorheological (MR) fluid by which the relationship of yield stress and magnetic flux density of specific material can be determined. The device consisted of a rotatable center tube in a frame body and the magnetic field was provided by two blocks of permanent magnets placed oppositely outside the frame body. The magnitude and direction of the magnetic field were manipulated by changing the distance of the two permanent magnets from the frame body and rotating the center tube, respectively. For determining the magnetic field of the device, we adopted an effective method by fitting the FEM (finite element method) result to the measured one and then rebuilt the absent components to approximate the magnetic field, which was hardly to be measured simultaneously as different device setup were required. With the proposed platform and analytical methods, the drawing shear force and the corresponding yield stress contributed by MR fluid could be evaluated in respect to the magnitude and direction of given magnetic flux density with acceptable accuracy for specific designing purposes without a large, complex, and expensive instrument.

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