Measurements of the in-plane thermal conductivity and the directional dependence of Mitsubishi K63B12 pitch-fiber/Epoxy composite from Newport Composites are reported. This composite is being explored for use in the Avanced Seal Delivery System for effective thermal management. The thermal conductivity was measured using a steady state technique. The experimental results were then compared to a model of the thermal conductivity based on the direction of the fibers. These estimates are based on the properties of the constituent materials and volume of fibers in the sample. Therefore the density and the fiber volume fraction were experimentally measured. The thermal conductivity is clearly greatest in the direction of the fibers and decreases as the fibers are rotated off axis. In the case of pitch fiber composite materials, the contribution of the fibers to the thermal conductivity dominates. The experimental data clearly followed the correct trends; however, the measured values were 25% to 35% lower than predicted.

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