Different modern shell structures are exposed to impulsive loading very often. Some of them may have different imperfections such as apertures, welds, and irregular thickness. These structures can be made by static or impulsive loading. To know fractureless dynamic response of shell structures with apertures is important in many cases, especially for forming processes, because of the first appeared fracture can extend through a shell blank especially if material is brittle with low plastic properties. The tooling for impact and static loading of flat and shell structures was developed. Dynamic response of shell structures with unsupported apertures on internal impulsive loading by point high explosive charges is described. Strain state of shaped shell structures with apertures after explosive forming is shown. The limit aperture diameter for dynamic fractureless response is determined. Distributions of strain intensities on a sample cross section for different aperture diameters, static and dynamic loading are shown. Different jet engine parts were made using developed technology.

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