Fused Deposition of Ceramics (FDC) is a Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) technique under development at Rutgers University. This technique is based on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)2, a commercially available SFF technology. Freeform fabrication of ceramic and metal parts is a means of significantly lowering the cost of currently expensive components. The feasibility of Fused Deposition of Ceramics (FDC) has been demonstrated in the recent past. Crucial to the viable fabrication of ceramic components is the elimination of defects in the parts. Apart from some of the usual traits of SFF techniques, some distinct features of FD Processing lead to defects in fabricated parts. The focus of this work is to study and improve the build procedure of FDM, thereby reducing the defects that are associated with FD processing. Predictable errors in the FDC/FDM components need to be consistently eliminated to increase the yield of fully dense, defect free, green parts. Changes in the manufacturing procedure and operation of FDC are shown to reduce these errors. Fully dense green components are further processed to obtain defect free fully dense sintered ceramic parts.

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