In this paper, 1.5-stage high-speed compressor stator was studied using numerical computation method. Four gap cases were calculated under the condition of the hub being stationary or rotating, and the characteristic curves of the 1.5-stage compressor was obtained. Firstly, the influence of the change of the gap on the total pressure ratio and the efficiency curve was studied when the state of the hub is fixed. Then, the influence of the rotation of the hub on the total pressure ratio and the efficiency curve was discussed when the tip clearance is fixed. Finally, the total pressure loss of the stator channel would be analyzed. The above research would make people understand that the relative motion of the end wall has an important influence on the performance of the axial-flow compressor; when hub is stationary, the optimal gap is greater than 0, while when hub was rotating, the optimal gap was 0; and recognize that the variation of clearance and the motion state of the hub have an important influence on the distribution of total pressure loss along the span.

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