Chemical composition, structure, mechanical and oxidation properties of welds produced utilizing laser direct energy deposition process of a newly developed LW4280 welding powder will be presented. Crack-free and high-density specimens were fabricated for manufacturing standard and subsized tensile test samples as per ASTM E-8. Optical and scanning electron microscopy revealed the formation of epitaxial grain growth during solidification of the welding pool followed by precipitation of fine gamma prime phase during the reheating from the subsequent weld layers. A sub-solvus primary aging temperature determined using Thermo-Calc software followed by secondary aging resulted in precipitation of above 49% of cuboidal γ′ phase. Excellent ultimate tensile strength of 1310 MPa (190 ksi), 0.2% yield strength of 855 MPa (124 ksi), and elongation of 18.7% were measured at ambient temperature. At 926°C (1700°F), the tensile testing yielded of 579 MPa (84 ksi), 0.2% yield strength of 462 MPa (67 ksi), and elongation of 18.8%. Cyclic oxidation resistance of the LW4280 weld material at 1120°C (2048°F) was superior to Rene 80 and Mar M247 while slightly below Rene 142.

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