In this paper, energy end-use models of U.S. Organic Chemicals and the U.S. Inorganic Chemicals industries are given. The energy end-use model is developed based on the waste heat recovery characterization of the U.S. Chemical Industry and the onsite power and steam generation model. The primary database used in this study is the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) data: EIA 906, EIA-920, EIA-860B and MECS (Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey). Based on the results found from the models; the majority of the fuel is used for the end-uses in these manufacturing sectors either directly or through onsite power and steam generation. The approach to create these models is applicable to all other industries for which data is available and the model is consistent with the most available U.S. Department of Energy data, which is currently given for 2002 while the data for 2006 is under progress. When used in conjunction with similar models for other years, it can be used to identify the changes and trends in energy utilization even at the prime mover level of detail.

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