Laparoscopic surgery is a common minimally invasive procedure typically used in intestinal surgery. Several small incisions are made to allow specialized instruments to be inserted and operated in an inflated abdomen. There is limited mobility in these procedures and additional training must be completed for surgeons to become proficient. To increase the freedom of motion and reduce the required skill for the surgeon, the novel single incision, free motion (SIFM) laparoscopic surgical system is introduced. This device will allow for free motion of the tools with a single incision inside the body, using electromagnets, hydraulic, and motor actuation. Using a low friction material, an electromagnet on the outside of the skin translates the tool inside the body. Hydraulic and motor actuation allows for further control of the tool under the skin by tilting, extending and retraction. Experimentation was performed to measure the frictional forces of different materials gliding over porcine skin tissue. The results show that of the tested materials, Teflon performed the best with high consistency and low coefficients of friction across a range of pressures. Future work will explore magnetic force and actuation to work with the low friction materials of SIFM.

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