In this study, the flow mechanisms of HFC-134a and HFC-410A, including flow pattern, pressure distribution, temperature distribution, and mass flow rate inside short-tube orifice are presented and compared under the same working temperature. The test runs are performed at condenser temperature ranging between 35 and 45°C, evaporator temperature ranging between 2 and 12°C, and degree of subcooling ranging between 1 and 12 °C. The results show that the temperature distribution along the short-tube orifice obtained from HFC-410A is slightly higher than that obtained from HFC-134a. On the other hand, the pressure distribution between both refrigerants shows the large difference. It is also found that the tendency of mass flow rate obtained from HFC-134a almost coincides with those obtained HFC-410A as the operating conditions and short-tube orifice size are varied. However, the average mass flow rate of HFC-134a is slightly lower than that of HFC-410A.

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